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While most people think of downhill skiing when it comes to activities in Salt Lake City, the real hidden gem is cross-country skiing. This beautiful mountain resort is located on the popular Timpanogos mountain, with views that will amaze even those in the parking lot when you enter. The ski resort, which is home to the largest cross-country skiing area in the world, offers something special for foreign visitors who spend their holidays here.

The living room offers access to some of the most accessible views of Salt Lake City and the entire state of Utah. Take the state and Utah, and you should definitely be looking for things to do in and around SaltLake City.

With an ever-growing restaurant scene and a variety of restaurants and bars, Salt Lake City has something for everyone. All the sights and flavors of the festival will be on display Saturday, July 22, 2017, at the South Lake County Food & Wine Festival.

The festival is a major fundraiser in Salt Lake City, with much of the proceeds distributed each year to local charities and public relations nonprofits. Hogle Zoo is one of the best things to do in Salt Lake City and a spectacular place to celebrate Christmas.

The Road to Home relies on volunteers to help provide programs and services to individuals and families in Salt Lake City who are committed to overcoming homelessness. This could not happen without the support of other arts and cultural organisations that make the city a living place to live and work.

Volunteer members of the Morman Tabernacle Choir will disband Sunday night and join 75 singers of the University of Utah Choir. Join us for a holiday singing - a - thon at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Salt Lake City. A delicious breakfast is served alongside a variety of food and drinks from local restaurants and bars.

The Red Butte Garden includes a botanical garden, an arboretum and an amphitheater operated by the University of Utah in the foothills of Salt Lake City. The spiral walkway is the perfect option to see people - and the sculptures on the northeast bank of GreatSalt Lake. Be sure to visit Mount Timpanogos and spend the evening bowling at the Bonwood Bowl, or look forward to an evening of family fun - doing it with friends and family in Utah.

Abravanel Hall hosts various performances throughout the city, including the Utah Symphony. Ballet West receives a lot of support from the City of Salt Lake City, Open Space Utah and adjacent Utah State University and University of Utah. Eccles Theatre is one of the most popular theatres in the United States and has the largest and most prestigious opera house in the world in Utah with more than 1,000 seats.

One of the best places to experience live comedy in Salt Lake City is the Wiseguys Comedy Club. One of my favourite places for foreign and indie films is the Broadway Centre Theatre. The Broadway Centre, run by the Salt Lake Film Society, is home to some of Utah's most popular foreign films, including "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend" and "The Hunger Games."

This unique community event showcases the diverse communities that make Salt Lake City their home by showcasing and selling traditional crafts and food. This free, three-day outdoor event typically features live music, food, crafts and a variety of food trucks. Enjoy the harvest season, which begins in mid-September, and look forward to meeting and sharing some of the most delicious food traditions of the salt lake community. On one of the four stages you can enjoy a wide range of music from local bands and artists as well as local grocers.

Place Monument celebrates the place where Brigham Young first saw the Salt Lake Valley and declared it the final destination of the pioneers who made the 1,300-mile journey on foot. At the foot of City Creek Canyon is a beautiful Utah monument with fountains, monuments and a beautifully landscaped area just blocks from downtown Salt Lake City. He also embedded SaltLake City in an organized grid system that is still in use today. Make your own while listening to Sternsinger, or meander through the old-fashioned village buildings as you are at Place Heritage Park. Finish your Christmas shopping by browsing the beautiful City Creek Center Downtown.

City Creek Canyon is a beautiful Utah monument with fountains, monuments and a beautifully landscaped area just blocks from downtown Salt Lake City. The Miners Day celebrations are held in Park City, Utah, which is just a few blocks from downtown.

From a craft bazaar in the basement of a Greek church, the annual Salt Lake Greek Festival has developed into one of the most beautiful and largest festivals in the country. Just a few miles north of downtown Utah is the small town of Midway, which is a popular attraction for ice castles in winter.

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